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Humans and humanity have always had a very dynamic movement. Some of the achievements that have been made, make human capable to optimize all the advantages it has. On the other hand, there are still many dark side that sometimes cause problems of humanity



Indonesia is one country with the world’s most important biodiversity. The high diversity of the species, is directly proportional to the threat to its sustainability. Wildlife crimes, including poaching and illegal wildlife trade, has caused the state losses of 13 trillion Rupiah annually. This case is under cases of drug crime and human trafficking.



As a country with the fourth most population in the world, significantly Indonesia contributes green house gases that comes from forest fires and land conversion. Environmental degradation in Indonesia is also supported by the human life style that is still environment unfriendly.


Our Program

Rumah Harapan

Rumah Harapan merupakan program yang fokus dalam menyediakan fasilitas tempat tinggal yang memadai dan layak bagi [ODGJ]….

0.0 53% 9,500,000

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Happy Sharing

Happy Sharing merupakan sebuah program yang dijalankan Kopi Panas Foundation, untuk membantu orang-orang atau lembaga yang merawat Orang Dengan Gangguan Jiwa …

0.0 27% 45,000

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About us


Kopi panas is a community formed since 2016. In 2018 Kopi Panas became a legal institution and was known as the Kopi Panas Foundation. Initiated and founded by Prisia Nasution, who is currently also as a Board of Executive. Kopi Panas foundation has three main issues: human, environment and animals.


The realization of the generation that actively participate in the [improvement] social and environment issues.


  • Increasing public awareness in creating social and environmental justice
  • Distributing the donation to institutions and individuals who are committed to social and environmental issues
  • Meet With The KPF Management team

    Fahmi Rahman

    Head of KPF

    Yuyun Darmayanti


    Meizy Pandansari


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