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Indonesia is a country of diversity, with the highest level of diversity in the world, along with Brazil and Congo. However, to see the conditions and quality of the environment, there are three main things that need to be concerned. First, the physical conditions in the form of a state of the atmosphere, climate, weather, water characteristics, geology, geography, and soil. Second, land cover, ecosystems and biodiversity. And third, the quality of the environment, such as air quality, fresh water and sea water.

As a country with the fourth most population in the world, significantly Indonesia contributes green house gases that comes from forest fires and land conversion. The total increase in emissions in Indonesia from 2000 to 2013, reaching 3.5% per year. This has contributed to a rise in temperature the surface temperature is projected to increase by 0.3 ° C, the extinction of Asia biodiversity reached 50%, and a variety of natural disasters. Environmental degradation in Indonesia is also supported by the human life style that is still environment unfriendly.

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